Fujitsu solutions

Fujitsu components for ICT infrastructure


Fujitsu is one of the world's leading information and communication technology companies offering a wide range of solutions and services starting from hardware components to data center high-performance infrastructures and service management tools.


  • Japan's leading ICT company with more than forty years of experience, ranked fifth in the world as the largest IT service provider.
  • Develops x86 architecture servers, desktops, and supercomputers. Certified x86 server solutions are available that can support Hadoop's large data, Oracle databases, SAP HANA memory database management systems, and virtualization and management solutions offered by VMware.
  • A complete portfolio of data lifecycles - flash drives, hybrid hard and hard disk arrays, software-defined storage, backup devices and long-term tape archives - providing an efficient balance between power, performance and storage costs.
  • Integrated ready-to-run systems utilize pre-tested designs with well-defined components that provide tailor-made performance for specific applications. In addition, reference architectures are offered which parameters can be customized  according to specific customer requirements.
  • A global IaaS service provider experience in more than 25 worldwide data centers which is transformed into the cloud computing infrastructure creation and production according to the customer needs.
  • Independent software development, as well as the creation of joint products with leading global companies (Suse, Microsoft), creating a dynamic infrastructure for maintaining and managing the environment.


The Fujitsu concept can be divided into three major areas:

  • Technological solutions - the core products and services of information systems are offered: servers, disk arrays, integrated platforms, as well as radio and optical transmission systems, etc.
  • General solutions - consumer electronics: personal computers, mobile phones, car audio and navigation systems, etc.
  • Component solutions -  semiconductors are designed and manufactured, ASIC / COT, ASSP integrated circuits and FRAM random access memories, which are mostly used in various image processing, wireless information transmission, automation and security applications, creating not only high-performance equipment but also energy-efficient and ambient eco-friendly product.