Corporate Services

Business strategy consulting; Business management and support services

Sector: Telecommunications

Project director

Aigars Ceruss


LLC Globalcom

Project goal

LLC Latnet Serviss, LLC Balticom and LLC Interneta pasaule set the assignment to develop a business plan for the purpose of decreasing the costs related to procurement of international Internet capacity.

Project outcome

The following activities were performed within the project:

  • A business plan was developed to establish a joint-venture for the purpose of ensuring procurement of large capacity of international Internet for the shareholders and additional capacities for sales to other Internet Service Providers, thus decreasing the overall costs of providing the international Internet;
  • Following approval of the business plan, Corporate Solutions was entrusted with the implementation of the project; within the project, the international data transmission network platform was designed with access points in Riga, Vilnius, Tallinn, Stockholm, Warsaw and Frankfurt. The capacity of the platform allowed to offer the customers of the new company international Internet and data transmission capacity wholesales services with the data transmission rate of up to 10 Gbps and more;
  • Corporate Solutions ensures business management services to LLC Globalcom, including sales, partnership management, planning of technological deployment of the platform, accounting, credit management, record keeping, etc.;
  • In cooperation with LLC Monitoringa Centrs, technical maintenance and management of LLC Globalcom’s international network is ensured and data transmission and Internet wholesales solutions for customers are implemented
  • Internet security solutions, for instance, DDos protection, are provided as well.

As a result:

  • During the first three years after foundation of the company, LLC Globalcom became TOP 3 Global IP transit wholesales provider in Latvia and Lithuania, attracted Internet Service Providers in Estonia and Poland;
  • There is active cooperation with international operators in provision of data transmission solutions in the Baltic States, Russia and Scandinavia;
  • The above success allowed reduction of shareholders’ costs related to international Internet wholesales, and the company gained additional profits from the services provided to other customers;
  • The activity of LLC Globalcom in the markets of Latvia and Lithuania had a positive impact on the availability of the international Internet resources in these countries; through the competition, it stimulated the retail Internet market improving the quality and price of the Internet service.