Corporate Services

Business management and support outsourcing

Sector: Telecommunications

Project director

Lauris Bračka


LLC Tele2 Latvija

Project goal

To ensure business development, technological and administrative management of Tele2 Enquiry Service implementing the following tasks:

  • To develop and maintain a data base of the Enquiry Service and a technical solution for searching information;
  • To maintain and update the contents of the data base, ensure processing of incoming calls;
  • To conclude contracts with business customers about priorities and publishing of information in the data base of the Enquiry Service;
  • To provide Tele2 «Enquiry Service 1182» and its IT platform, process incoming calls, develop and maintain portal according to the market requirements and tendencies in the telecommunications sector.

The telephone number of the Enquiry Service 8811 is changed to 1182 as of May 1, 2015.

Project outcome

Loyalty of Tele2 customers is strengthened, as the company can provide its customers with the Enquiry Service cheaper than customers of other network operators can receive this service from other providers of the enquiry services.

Additional income from the service that is the second most popular Enquiry Service in Latvia from 2015, processing more than 300 000 calls annually. Since its foundation, 1182 is the most favourable Enquiry Service for more than 1 million Tele2 network customers. 1182.LV – a guide to enterprises in Latvia with ratings and customer references is available in the Internet.

As service Enquiries 1182 is not directly related to the core business of Tele2, the company outsourced the management and support of this business, and it was not necessary to develop expertise within the company, hire human resources and acquire technologies for provision of such service. Such business solution ensures customer loyalty and additional income with lower business risks and costs.

The telephone number of the Enquiry Service 8811 is changed to 1182 as of May 1, 2015.